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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
Kerr MJ PhD Thesis_Final edited draft_Jan2020 (3).pdf.jpg16-déc-2019Fluid-chemical studies of gold systems: case studies of an Archean greenstone belt, Nunavut, and a Paleozoic slate belt, Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia.Kerr, Mitchell James
PhD thesis_Final Version_Hongbin Zhang_2020_Updated.pdf.jpg15-oct-2019A framework to develop a hybrid methodology for modeling of diesel particulate matter concentration in underground mine ventilation systemsZhang, Hongbin
PhD Thesis - Bastola_Subash - Final.pdf.jpg16-déc-2019Study of mechanical properties of jointed rock mass using lattice-spring-based synthetic rock mass (LS-SRM) modeling approach Bastola, Subash
BGohar_PhDThesis Final.pdf.jpg17-déc-2018Evidence-based strategies in occupational health: applying meta-analytic and qualitative methods to identify and understand sickness absence among nurses and health care aides with considerations for Northeastern Ontario  Gohar, Basem
THESIS MANUSCRIPT ED FINAL.pdf.jpg25-jan-2019An exploration of interprofessional education in four Canadian undergraduate nursing programsDonato, Emily
LPelletier_thèse_version finale.pdf.jpg1-nov-2019Le développement de publics pour les arts en milieu minoritairePelletier, Lianne
Wang_2019 PhD_v20191126 Final version.pdf.jpg30-oct-2019Genesis of mafic-ultramafic inclusions in sublayer and inclusion quartz diorite and implications for the formation of associated NICU-PGE mineralization in the Sudbury igneous complexWang, Yujian
Shuaa M-Thesis.pdf.jpg8-oct-2019A comparative evaluation of Canadian physical activity play-based programs for children with different abilities and its transferability to the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMutawally, Shuaa
JUDENKELLY_PhD_FINAL.pdf.jpg9-jui-2019Biometeorology: review and analysis with regard to traumatic brain Injury acquisition in professional football, as well as traditional and digital economic marketsJuden-Kelly, Lyndon
Lindenbach,J-PhDThesis-IRNH.pdf.jpg24-jui-2019Older adult mistreatment, dementia, and the family caregiver in the Northeastern Ontario home: the influence of context on professional agencyLindenbach, Jeannette M.
Goggins_Thesis Dissertation_FINAL.pdf.jpg16-jui-2019Measuring and modelling human response to foot-transmitted vibration exposureGoggins, Katie Anne
Boyle_2019_Full Thesis_Edited_July.pdf.jpg30-mai-2019A road to conservation: understanding the dynamics of road-effects and road-effect mitigationBoyle, Sean P.
Afrah Al Hegy PhD Thesis Final Version.pdf.jpg18-jui-2019Surface modification of biodegradable magnesium implant materials for controlled biodegradationHegy, Afrah Al
PhD thesis JL_Wabie-Kijiikwewin aji sweetgrass stories.pdf.jpg1-jan-2017Kijiikwewin aji: sweetgrass storiesWabie, Joey-Lynn
Areej Al-Hamad thesis_11.pdf.jpg21-mar-2019Food insecurity, poverty and lived experience of homelessness: a study of women in Northeastern and Southwestern OntarioAl-Hamad, Areej
Meg_Stewart_PhD_Thesis_Final_Revised.pdf.jpg8-nov-2018The volcanic and deformation history, geodynamic setting, and metallogenesis of the Chisel Sequence, Snow Lake, Manitoba, CanadaStewart, Margaret Signe
Final Version Jennifer Fournier Submission Dissertation.pdf.jpg12-avr-2018Northern Ontario nurse practitioner job satisfaction and intent to leave: a constructivist grounded theory studyFournier, Jennifer L.
Ali's PhD Thesis (2019) FINAL.pdf.jpg14-mar-2019Uncovering the therapeutic potential of Uncaria tomentosa using B16-BL6 mouse melanoma and 4T1 mouse breast cancer cellsZari, Ali
Rubingh_Kate_Elizabeth_Louise_PhD_Final_Thesis.pdf.jpg21-fév-2019Structural geology, stratigraphy, and gold deposits of the New Britannia Mining District of the paleoproterozoic Snow Lake arc assemblage (Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada)Rubingh, Kate Elizabeth Louise
lingqi-thesis - Final.pdf.jpg30-nov-2018Synthesis, properties and applications of functional polymer nanocompositesHuang, Lingqi
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 147