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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
Kerr MJ PhD Thesis_Final edited draft_Jan2020 (3).pdf.jpg16-déc-2019Fluid-chemical studies of gold systems: case studies of an Archean greenstone belt, Nunavut, and a Paleozoic slate belt, Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia.Kerr, Mitchell James
PhD thesis_Final Version_Hongbin Zhang_2020_Updated.pdf.jpg15-oct-2019A framework to develop a hybrid methodology for modeling of diesel particulate matter concentration in underground mine ventilation systemsZhang, Hongbin
PhD Thesis - Bastola_Subash - Final.pdf.jpg16-déc-2019Study of mechanical properties of jointed rock mass using lattice-spring-based synthetic rock mass (LS-SRM) modeling approach Bastola, Subash
BGohar_PhDThesis Final.pdf.jpg17-déc-2018Evidence-based strategies in occupational health: applying meta-analytic and qualitative methods to identify and understand sickness absence among nurses and health care aides with considerations for Northeastern Ontario  Gohar, Basem
THESIS MANUSCRIPT ED FINAL.pdf.jpg25-jan-2019An exploration of interprofessional education in four Canadian undergraduate nursing programsDonato, Emily
LPelletier_thèse_version finale.pdf.jpg1-nov-2019Le développement de publics pour les arts en milieu minoritairePelletier, Lianne
Wang_2019 PhD_v20191126 Final version.pdf.jpg30-oct-2019Genesis of mafic-ultramafic inclusions in sublayer and inclusion quartz diorite and implications for the formation of associated NICU-PGE mineralization in the Sudbury igneous complexWang, Yujian
Shuaa M-Thesis.pdf.jpg8-oct-2019A comparative evaluation of Canadian physical activity play-based programs for children with different abilities and its transferability to the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMutawally, Shuaa
JUDENKELLY_PhD_FINAL.pdf.jpg9-jui-2019Biometeorology: review and analysis with regard to traumatic brain Injury acquisition in professional football, as well as traditional and digital economic marketsJuden-Kelly, Lyndon
Lindenbach,J-PhDThesis-IRNH.pdf.jpg24-jui-2019Older adult mistreatment, dementia, and the family caregiver in the Northeastern Ontario home: the influence of context on professional agencyLindenbach, Jeannette M.
Goggins_Thesis Dissertation_FINAL.pdf.jpg16-jui-2019Measuring and modelling human response to foot-transmitted vibration exposureGoggins, Katie Anne
Boyle_2019_Full Thesis_Edited_July.pdf.jpg30-mai-2019A road to conservation: understanding the dynamics of road-effects and road-effect mitigationBoyle, Sean P.
Afrah Al Hegy PhD Thesis Final Version.pdf.jpg18-jui-2019Surface modification of biodegradable magnesium implant materials for controlled biodegradationHegy, Afrah Al
PhD thesis JL_Wabie-Kijiikwewin aji sweetgrass stories.pdf.jpg1-jan-2017Kijiikwewin aji: sweetgrass storiesWabie, Joey-Lynn
Areej Al-Hamad thesis_11.pdf.jpg21-mar-2019Food insecurity, poverty and lived experience of homelessness: a study of women in Northeastern and Southwestern OntarioAl-Hamad, Areej
Meg_Stewart_PhD_Thesis_Final_Revised.pdf.jpg8-nov-2018The volcanic and deformation history, geodynamic setting, and metallogenesis of the Chisel Sequence, Snow Lake, Manitoba, CanadaStewart, Margaret Signe
Joe Pitzel Thesis April 29th final version.pdf.jpg16-avr-2019“Revisiting sales as a human connection and a business transaction”Pitzel, Joseph William
Final Version Jennifer Fournier Submission Dissertation.pdf.jpg12-avr-2018Northern Ontario nurse practitioner job satisfaction and intent to leave: a constructivist grounded theory studyFournier, Jennifer L.
Ali's PhD Thesis (2019) FINAL.pdf.jpg14-mar-2019Uncovering the therapeutic potential of Uncaria tomentosa using B16-BL6 mouse melanoma and 4T1 mouse breast cancer cellsZari, Ali
Rubingh_Kate_Elizabeth_Louise_PhD_Final_Thesis.pdf.jpg21-fév-2019Structural geology, stratigraphy, and gold deposits of the New Britannia Mining District of the paleoproterozoic Snow Lake arc assemblage (Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada)Rubingh, Kate Elizabeth Louise
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 148