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Title: Observations of environmental interactions with the human organism
Authors: Vares, David A.E.
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2021
Abstract: The recording and diffusion of ideas provides future generations of humanity the opportunity to further the advancement of understanding. This dissertation will begin the investigation of understanding ‘What influences of the Earth’s environment exist on human behaviour?’ The phenomena comprising the thesis involve the human organism, environmental stimuli, and societal customs. This investigation will consider the large degrees of variability due to the large number of interactions within the defined local environmental system. Review of research literature has introduced opportunity for identifying current limitations of the knowledge acquired. Novel interdisciplinary research is presented, including the relationship between the sun and earth, the ability correctly identify the human organism from background photon measurements, effects of population density on disease incidence, and the corresponding relationship between the sunearth interactions and the global behaviour of the human organism. The presented research accounts for the large degrees of variability between humans by utilizing global, big data analysis. The implications propose future health and well being awareness on a planetary scale.
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