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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
MSc_Thesis _Remington_W_Hill_Final.pdf.jpg25-sep-2023Extracting the time of core-bounce from core-collapse supernova neutrino signals in current and next-generation neutrino detectorsHill, Remington W.
SNO__background_study_Po210_on_AV_surface_and_Radon_assay.pdf.jpg18-jan-2023sno+ background study: polonium on acrylic vessel surface and radon assayYu, Shengzhao
EstherWeimaMastersThesis-FinalApproved.pdf.jpg9-fév-2023HALO-1kT prototype He-3 counters: background studiesWeima, Esther
Msc_thesisFinal_2022.pdf.jpg11-avr-2022Evaluating 238U external background for SNO+ experiment using radon Aasays and 214Bi analysisHussain, Syed Muhammad Adil
Konnor Thesis (Updated).pdf.jpg27-aoû-2020Cellular and dosimetric characterization for biological studies of sub-natural background radiationKennedy, Konnor
FINAL VERSION OF THESIS LAPOINTE.pdf.jpg5-jui-2020The effects of dietary ingestion of nickel recovery slag as a grit source on avian boneLapointe, Michel R.
PRost_Thesis_Final_Nov27.pdf.jpg30-oct-2019SNO+ waterphase burst principal component analysis  Rost, Philip Rost
LeBlanc-A_MSc_Thesis_final.pdf.jpg16-déc-2019Bubble growth dynamics for C3F8 bubble chambersLe Blanc, Alexandre
PoojaWoosaree_MScThesisFinal.pdf.jpg6-déc-2018222Rn measurements within the water phase of the SNO+ experimentWoosaree, Pooja
ACFrOgCcb7brVjXD1NHPyEoDlYGg6pgaokloNCqc69V5ef7b5mR5g58GqERspk0v8Q1LQCJ0owTlpYUvW8h5u8KCfZI_GBedYOUYJa0av4hmwXr83RTBLH7ciFZGI08=.pdf.jpg13-mar-2019Parametrized simulation of charge drift and collection in the nEXO TPCRobinson, Alexander Lars
Brendan Morningstar Thesis 2018 Final.pdf.jpg18-aoû-2018First principle study of the electronic structure of semiconductors for photovoltaic applications: organic-inorganic perovskitesMorningstar, Brendan
Ingrida_thesis_Final.pdf.jpg13-nov-2017Design of a neutron calibration source for the SNO+ experimentSemenec, Ingrida
Girard, Frédéric_MSc Physics.pdf.jpg5-jui-2017Calibration of the PICO-0.1 bubble chamber and development of coated inner vessels for dark matter searchGirard, Frédéric
ColinBruulsemaMScFinal.pdf.jpg25-jan-2017Calibration and commissioning of the Helium and Lead ObservatoryBruulsema, Colin
Caitlyn_Darrach_MScF_2016 FINAL.pdf.jpg19-jui-2016The SNO+ supernova calibration source development and testingDarrach, Caitlyn
Thesis_PK.pdf.jpg16-nov-2015Neck sense rope system and leaching studies for SNO+.Khaghani, Pouya
MCDONALDMAIN Thesis.pdf.jpg21-mar-2016Fat subtraction protocol for wide-angle x-ray scatter analysis of breast biopsiesMcDonald, Nancy
LAAMANEN THESIS FINAL VERSION.pdf.jpg1-mar-2016X-ray scattering point models for breast cone-beam computed tomographyLaamanen, Curtis
Janet-Rumleskie-thesis-correct151106.pdf.jpg14-oct-2015Evaluating SNO+ backgrounds through 222RN assays and the simulation of 13C(a, n)160 reactions during water phaseRumleskie, Janet
crodger_thesis_final_5.pdf.jpg24-fév-2015Bond mean field theory for electron spin resonance frequency shift analysisRodger, Clifford John
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 25