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Title: Bond mean field theory for electron spin resonance frequency shift analysis
Authors: Rodger, Clifford John
Keywords: ESR;spin lattices;bond-mean-field theory;solid state
Issue Date: 24-Feb-2015
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: Electron spin resonance (ESR) is an important experimental technique. A comprehensive theory of ESR has been di cult to establish, and as such several di erent approximations are used to predict and explain experimental results. This thesis applies the bond-mean- eld theory to the problem of ESR frequency shift for the one-dimensional antiferromagnetic Heisenberg spin chain with uniaxial exchange anisotropy. We use this theory to calculate the ESR resonance frequency shift as a function of temperature and magnetic eld. We perform numerical calculations using the expression obtained. These results are compared to existing results in the literature; they are in broad agreement with theoretical results such as those of Oshikawa and A eck obtained via bosonisation, but they show discrepancies with experimental results. We agree with the theoretical authors that the discrepancy is due to our use of the simplest-case interaction model.
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