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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
JONIK Sirena psyc 4104el01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2015QEEG profile changes following three total body modification (TBM) treatmentsJonik, Sirena
ChristineGonsalves.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2018A qualitative exploration of cardiovascular health and disease messages surrounding Canadian and U.S. campaigns through Facebook and TwitterGonsalves, Christine A.
Olaniyanetal2013_INT-2012-0010.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2013Qualitative geophysical interpretation of the Sudbury StructureSmith, Richard S.; Olaniyan, Oladele; Morris, Bill
Brown_Quantification of Seismic Responses to Mining Using Novel Seismic Response Parameters_ Finished.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2018Quantification of seismic responses to mining using novel seismic response parametersBrown, Laura Grace
Collins_Mark_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Quantitative differences in participants exposed to patterned, weak-intensity electromagnetic fields: investigating the shivaCollins, Mark William Glister
Pandey_Toplal_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Quantum phase transitions and topological orders in spin chains and laddersPandey, Toplal
Thèse E. Dupuis - Finale.pdf.jpg14-May-2019Quelle université pour les francophones minoritaires? Le rôle des congrégations religieuses dans la fondation des universités Laurentienne et de MonctonDupuis, Estelle
quick_lookup.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2008Quick Lookup Laptops in the Library: Leveraging Linux with a SLAX LiveCDScott, Dan; Beswick, Kevin
Chigozie THESIS FEBRUARY 2018 FINAL.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2018Race relations in Sudbury : a focus on African-CanadiansElendu‐Okoronkwo, Chigozie
Beauchamp_Eric_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Radon removal from gaseous xenon for the enriched xenon observatoryBeauchamp, Eric
Final Waldick, Justen - Ramsey Lake Interpretive Centre.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2019Ramsey Lake Interpretive Centre : an architectural response to aquatic environmental public awarenessWaldick, Justen
IES001.pdf.jpg31-Mar-1984Rayrock North West Territories [sic] : history, uranium tailings and environment.Kalin, Margarete A.
7-Dec-2018RDM in Court: Creating a repository for the Robinson Treaties Annuities CaseMrozewski, Tomasz
de Guzman_Vennice_M.Arch Thesis.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2021(Re)branding Canada's National Parksde Guzman, Vennice
Cen_Sarah_M.Arch Thesis.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2021(Re)thinking public school architecture as a pedagogical toolCen, Sarah
Letros_Michael_M.Arch Thesis.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2021Re-defining Toronto's collective housing: an architectural model for floating communities in the Don River WatershedLetros, Michael
Derrick Pilon - Final Thesis Document - MArch.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2021Re-establishing innate connection to nature: an application of Indigenous ancestral practice in a new land-based learning centre on the French RiverPilon, Derrick
31-Jul-2020Re-establishing reciprocal relationships with the land: designing regenerative developments on Six Nations Reserve through the application of Haudenosaunce Ecological Knowledge (HEK)McGee, Taylor
Auld_Ryan_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Re-examining temporal and seasonal microbial acid mine: drainage community variationAuld, Ryan Richard
7-Apr-2022[Re]Développer une architecture inspirée du vernaculaire et de la tradition orale et écrite Franco-OntarienRoy, Alain