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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jul-2015QEEG profile changes following three total body modification (TBM) treatmentsJonik, Sirena
9-Oct-2013Quality of work life: investigation of occupational stressors among obstetric nurses in Northeastern OntarioBehdin, Nowrouzi
19-Mar-2014Quantitative differences in participants exposed to patterned, weak-intensity electromagnetic fields: investigating the shivaCollins, Mark William Glister
17-Mar-2014Quantum phase transitions and topological orders in spin chains and laddersPandey, Toplal
24-Mar-2008Quick Lookup Laptops in the Library: Leveraging Linux with a SLAX LiveCDScott, Dan; Beswick, Kevin
17-Mar-2014Radon removal from gaseoux xenon for the enriched xenon observatoryBeauchamp, Eric
19-Mar-2014Re-examining temporal and seasonal microbial acid mine: drainage community variationAuld, Ryan Richard
1991Realizing Reason in History: How Cunning Does It Have to Be?Fillion, Réal
1999Recensement sur microfilm:1666-1901Goltz, Eileen
2008Recension. Les métropoles régionales et la culture, 1945-2000.Poirrier, Philippe
2008Recension. Michel Guy, secrétaire d’Etat à la culture, 1974-1976. Un innovateur méconnu.Poirrier, Philippe
2004Recherche d'un instrument de mesure des besoins de l'aidante naturelle lors de l'admission de son parent en centre d'hébergement.Lavoie, Anne-Marise; Hould, Richard
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 10-Jul-00Winterhalder, Keith
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 13-Jul-83Winterhalder, Keith
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 13-Jun-81Winterhalder, Keith
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 13-Jun-83Winterhalder, Keith
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 15-Aug-82Winterhalder, Keith
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 15-Jul-86Winterhalder, Keith
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 18-Jun-88Winterhalder, Keith
24-Oct-2014RECL 1 - 24-May-80Winterhalder, Keith