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Title: Ramsey Lake Interpretive Centre : an architectural response to aquatic environmental public awareness
Authors: Waldick, Justen
Keywords: Ramsey Lake, Sudbury, Ontario;Ramsey Lake Interpretive Centre;aquatic ecosystems;public environmental awareness;environmental remediation;architectural interventions
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2019
Abstract: This thesis will aim to address the following theoretical questions: How can architectural interventions mitigate human impact on a more than human landscape? How can enhanced and sustainable interaction between aquatic life and people contribute to greater appreciation and conservation for underwater ecosystems? Specifically, this thesis will study and analyze Ramsey Lake, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, through mapping exercises, scientific research, media articles, and site documentation to inform the design of a “Ramsey Lake Interpretive Centre”. The centre would raise public environmental awareness of regional aquatic ecosystems and provide direct opportunities for environmental remediation of a lake which has been impacted by industrial activity and urban development for over one-hundred-years. Ramsey Lake was selected as the focus of this study because of the central role that it plays within the community. In addition to acting as a drinking water reservoir for over 40% of Greater Sudbury, it also represents a significant centre for culture and recreation within the community.
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