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Title: Re-defining Toronto's collective housing: an architectural model for floating communities in the Don River Watershed
Authors: Letros, Michael
Keywords: Resilience;stewardship;conservation;restoration;community;craft
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2021
Abstract: Re-defining Toronto’s Collective Housing: An Architectural Model for Floating Communities in the Don River Watershed is meant to be a critique of the existing typology of floating communities in Toronto, and a proposal for a new model focused around building a sustainable and intentional culture around the water. Existing water-based communities in Toronto pose many issues in terms of sustainability, land use, community, stewardship and public access to the waterfront. This thesis will address these issues and serve as a kick starter to the development of similar communities in the future. Toronto is a large waterfront urban centre, however, even given its history surrounding the water, the current city is not very oriented around it. The idea of an affordable community focused around the water has the opportunity to elevate this connection between the city, its inhabitants and its watersheds. This thesis will analyze and take into consideration the current typology of floating communities in the city and draw on the inspiration of global precedents to develop a program model that values the importance of community, sustainability, financial accessibility and local culture. This thesis aims to aid not only in the development of community, but also in the remediation and conservation of Toronto watersheds, providing a place for conservationists and eco-minded patrons to live closely with the ecosystems they strive to protect. The final design will use a sensitive design approach to build a program and building system that reflects the goals and ideals of this study. Question: How can a new floating community typology address the lack of balance and attention to our watersheds through an affordable and sustainable community focused model?
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