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Title: Race relations in Sudbury : a focus on African-Canadians
Authors: Elendu‐Okoronkwo, Chigozie
Keywords: race relations;African-Canadians;city of Greater Sudbury;life experiences;critical race theory;discrimination
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2018
Abstract: This thesis explored the perception of race relations among African‐Canadians in the city of   Greater Sudbury. It assessed African‐Canadians’ perception of the treatments and equal   opportunities afforded to them in the city. The purpose of this research was to examine the   effect of race on the life experiences of African‐Canadians and the unique meanings they   ascribe to these encounters. Using snowball sampling, data for this study were collected from   the personal stories of 20 African‐Canadians in the city of Greater Sudbury. This thesis   employed a phenomenological qualitative inquiry to focus on participants’ life experiences in   the city. Critical race theory was employed as the theoretical framework guiding the analysis of   this study. Five major themes emerged during data analysis (1) Social Interaction, (2) Employment, (3) Black in Sudbury, (4) Settlement challenges, and (5) Coping Strategies.   This thesis captures a picture of the daily struggles that participants experience in the Sudbury   society due to discrimination.  
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