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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
thesisFINAL-Hayat Shamakhai-3 final correction (1).pdf.jpg31-mai-2017The 0 -1 multiple knapsack problemShamakhai, Hayat Abdullah
PoojaWoosaree_MScThesisFinal.pdf.jpg6-déc-2018222Rn measurements within the water phase of the SNO+ experimentWoosaree, Pooja
T_Mrozewski_3D_Printing.pdf.jpg20153D Printing Topographic Data: An Introduction and TechniqueMrozewski, Tomasz
3rdWorldCanada-final.pdf.jpg11-jan-20103rd World CanadaCazabon, Andrée
50 ans de recherche.pdf.jpg2-mar-201150 ans de recherche à l'Université LaurentienneSawyer, Patrice
50 years of research.pdf.jpg2-mar-201150 years of research at LaurentianSawyer, Patrice
NSWJournalV8_article8.pdf.jpg3-déc-2012Aambe Maajaadaa! Community organizing in Indigenous Communities and Leanne Simpson's Dancing on our Turtle's Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence, and a New EmergenceWilliamson, Tara
SB007.pdf.jpgjui-1989The abandonment of the South Bay waste management area.Boojum Research Limited; BP Resources Canada Limited
SB001.pdf.jpgfév-1987Abandonment plan for South Bay Mines, BP Resources, Selco Division.Kalin, Margarete A.; BP Resources Canada Limited. Selco Division
SB122.pdf.jpg16-mai-2001An abbreviated history of the development of the "insitu seepage treatment" (bioremediation) concept at the abandoned South Bay property-
Aboriginal Adolescent Girls- Cultural Identity Formation and Resilient Trajectories- PEAR 2011.pdf.jpg30-nov-2011Aboriginal adolescent girls : cultural identity formation and resilient trajectoriesPearce, Kelly L.
NSWJ-V4-Dec2003.pdf.jpgdéc-2003"Aboriginal Children and Youth, Issues and Challenges"School of Native Human Services
NSWJ-V1-art6-p69-85.pdf.jpgmai-1997"Aboriginal communities and Social Science research: Voyeurism in transition"Gilchrist, Lauri
Cachon JSBE 2000.pdf.jpg2000Aboriginal entrepreneurship on reserves: some empirical data from Northern Ontario and considerations following the Supreme Court of Canada decision on the Delgamuukw v. British Columbia appealCachon, Jean-Charles
NSWJ-V6-art1-p11-32.pdf.jpgmar-2007Aboriginal Healing Methods for Residential School Abuse and Intergenerational Effects: A Review of the LiteratureGoforth, Shelley
ROWE Robyn PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015Aboriginal perspectives understanding and comparing the lived experiences and resilience of aboriginal men and women attending higher educationRowe, Robyn
2014Aboriginal Social Work: Incorporating Aboriginal worldviews in social work field practiceMoeke-Pickering, Taima; Partridge, Cheryle
2014Aboriginal Social Work: Incorporating Aboriginal worldviews in social work field practiceMoeke-Pickering, Taima; Partridge, Cheryle
NSWJ-V2-art2-p21-58.pdf.jpgavr-1999"Aboriginal students speak about acceptance, sharing, awareness and support: A participatory approach to change at a University and Community College"Young, Wendy
NSWJ-V4-art7-p140-144.pdf.jpgdéc-2003"Aboriginal Youth Vision Committee"Native Child and Family, Centre; Sudbury Metis Youth, Centre; Shkagamik-Kwe Health, Centre; Wahnapitae First, Nation; Lemieux, Debbie