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Title: 2SLGBTQ+ community health needs: an advanced practicum report
Authors: Pasanen, Paul Roy
Keywords: 2SLGBTQ;Advanced Practicum Report;Goals;Experiences;Placement;Activities;Public Health Sudbury & Districts (PHSD)
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2022
Abstract: This Advanced Practicum Report outlines activities, learning goals, and experiences of an advanced practicum placement working with the Public Health Sudbury & Districts (PHSD), part of the Ontario provincial chain of health agencies that oversees public health. This paper summarizes the unique experience of a Master of Social Work Student Working as a Queer research assistant, conducting data analysis and policy development for 2SLGBTQ+ population community health within a public health agency. Roles of the student while working for PHSD included: analysis of secondary data from a study of 2SLGBTQ+ community health conducted the previous fall, scanning of existing policies of PHSD for any that pertain to this population, suggesting policy and programing to promote the safety of 2SLGBTQ+ people, writing briefing notes and researching training programs and creating presentations to promote new policy development and programing. This experience highlighted community and individual health disparities for 2SLGBTQ+ people. The lack of useful policies and programs within the PHSD indicated a clear need for better public health approaches for health service agencies in Northern and rural geographic locations like Sudbury and Districts. The outcome of this placement was a clearer knowledge of the needs of queer populations in rural and Northern Ontario, a stronger insight into the relationship between social justice and health equity in public health programing and policy, and a better vision of Social Workers’ roles in promoting health equity and social justice in the development of public health policy.
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