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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2015Examen de l’indépendance du texte des questions de tests standardisés de compréhension en lectureComeau, Caroline; Roy-Charland, Annie; Reguigui, Leila
5-May-2015An examination of some theories that address the heavy alcohol consumption of university studentsTreleaven, Taylor M.
26-Feb-2015An examination of the new vocationalism and its influence on college-university articulation policies in Ontario: 1962-2000Bartosik, Monika
17-Jun-2015Examining daily quantitative electroencephalographic (qEEG), psychophysical and antropometric measures over a one week period.Lapointe, Andrew P.
7-Aug-2014Examining the distribution of ketamine and metabolites in decomposed skeletal tissues: development of a high throughput approach and application to an environmental and decomposition studyCornthwaite, Heather
15-Dec-2016Examining the effects of eye-tracking strategies and gender on multitask performance and eye movements during sleep deprivationCaballero, Hebert Sebastian
31-Jul-2013Examining the Geriatric Content of Canada’s Newest Undergraduate Medical Program: Are Graduates of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine Acquiring the Basic Competencies to Care for an Increasingly Aging Population?Leclair Smider, Karen
5-Apr-2017Examining the importance of advance care planning and therapy supervision models within a cancer centreMarshman, Kelsey
27-Nov-2016The experience of strengths based practice and reflexive practice with supervision at the family enrichment centre of Sudbury, OntarioHurley, Mark
11-Sep-2013Experiences of adolescents receiving mental health services: a study of the benefits, limitations and recommendationsGénier, Tanya Sylvie
17-Apr-2015The experiences of adults living with epilepsy : an interpretive descriptionBilinsky, Laryssa M. E.
16-May-2014The experiences of parents with children in elementary english programs and french immersion programs JK-G2Bingley, Jennifer
27-Jan-2017Experimental and correlational evidence that biological systems are influenced by intensity and variation of geomagnetic fieldsMekers, William
26-May-2015Experimental learning within the Resource Department of Family and Children's Services of Renfrew County.Tremblay, Jennifer.
2-May-2017Exploration des perceptions des intervenants en santé mentale, en contexte de recherche de services pour eux-même: étude chez les francophones des régions de Sudbury, de Nipissing ouest et de North BayChèvrefils, Josée
24-May-2016An exploration of accident/failure at attribution and the potential implications for future research in occupational health psychology with psychiatric nursesDesroches, Justin C.
7-Oct-2014An exploration of women’s cardiovascular disease within a corporate partner magazine of the Heart Truth campaignGonsalves, Christine ann
9-Mar-2016Exploring how indigenous healing practices and a western treatment model “seeking safety” can co-exist in assisting indigenous peoples to heal from trauma and addictionMarsh, Teresa Naseba
22-Oct-2014Exploring media representations of overweight & obese women’s dietary and exercise behaviours in the biggest loser: a self-determination theory approachTennant, Melissa
27-Jan-2014Exploring the complexity of the primary health care transition of youth and young adults with cerebral palsy living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: a mixed methods studySeguin, Chelsea L.