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Title: Child neglect: predicting future protection concerns and a comparison of profiles
Authors: Newton, Carl
Keywords: Child maltreatment;child neglect;verified protection concern recurrence;social support;caregiver capacity;child vulnerability;family functioning
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2017
Abstract: Research suggests that factors that influence child maltreatment are not restricted to one area (e.g. parental characteristics, child characteristics, societal characteristics), but are spread across numerous ecological systems. Child protection data from the Ontario Family and Child Strengths and Needs Assessment (FCSNA) was obtained. Records for children and caregivers of 128 families who had verified child neglect allegations were used in predictive analyses, in order to determine which families would return with further child protection concerns. Results of logistic regression analyses showed that variables related to caregiver capacity and social support were predictive of verified maltreatment concern recurrence. Caregivers with alcohol, drug, and substance abuse concerns, resource management issues, and strengths in physical health were more likely to be involved in recurrent investigations than those non-recurrent parents. Higher levels of social support from peer and adult relationships (for children) indicated a greater likelihood of child protection recurrence. Results suggest greater attention to substance abuse issues, as well as resource management and poverty in families with verified child neglect concerns. Furthermore, the results offer insight into the nature of the relationship between child maltreatment recurrence and social support. Recommendations of future research directions are discussed.
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