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Title: Cognitive behavioural therapy in corrections: an advanced clinical practicum with Correctional Service Canada
Authors: Chapelle, Laura-Kim S.
Keywords: Cognitive behavioural therapy;social work with groups;discharge planning;clinical supervision;corrections;mental health;interdisciplinary
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2020
Abstract: This advanced practicum research report describes my practicum experiences within a federal correctional facility, the incorporation of cognitive behavioural therapy in corrections, group work within the correctional environment, clinical discharge planning, social work supervision, and the role of clinical social workers as members of an interdisciplinary team. The literature review will provide a summary of cognitive behavioural therapy in a criminal justice setting in Canada, incarcerated individuals with mental health problems, the role of social workers in criminal justice settings, discharge planning in criminal justice settings, social work practice with groups in criminal justice settings, social work clinical supervision, and clinical discharge planning. Following this, a discussion of the practicum process will occur. Next, a discussion of my reflections and critical analysis related to my practicum experience will provide a discussion of major themes demonstrating the growth of my theoretical knowledge and clinical skill sets throughout the practicum process. Throughout the report, I will highlight the major themes revealed within my reflective practice, divided into five various categories: the cognitive behavioural therapy model in clinical corrections practice, social work group practice in corrections, social work clinical supervision in the correctional system, awareness of the responsibilities of clinical social workers as members of an interdisciplinary team in the correctional system and discharge planning in the correctional system. The report will then conclude with a summary of my experience as a clinical social worker in the federal correctional system and a discussion relating to implications for social work practice.
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