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Jeremy Lyons thesis (3)_1.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2015Anthropogenic impacts on life history traits on Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias striatus)Lyons, Jeremy
Ali Zaris MSC Thesis 2print_1.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2014Effects of uncaria tomentosa on the growth and survival of B16-BL6 mouse melanoma cellsZari, Ali
MacLeod -Msc Thesis- Final for Library.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2014Lakes in the far north of Ontario: regional comparisons and contrastsMacLeod, Josef
Loiselle_ Julie_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2013Analysis of RBM5 and RBM10 expression throughout H9C2 skeletal and cardiac muscle cell differentiation.Loiselle, Julie Jennifer
Miles_Zhang_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2013An integrative approach to distinguishing taxonomically challenging microhymenoptera: Eurytomidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) associated with cynipid galls on rose.Zhang, Yuanmeng Miles
Fenwick_Brandy_Master_thesis.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2013Comparative morphogenesis of cynipid leaf galls induced by Diplolepis polita and Diplolepis nebulosa (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) and modification by inquilines of the genus Periclistus (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)Fenwick, Brandy
Leduc_Joel_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Life-history trade-offs in Northern leopard frog (Lithobates [Rana] Pipiens) tadpoles: interactions of trace metals, temperature, and ranavirusLeduc, Joël
Santala_Kierann_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014The introduction of native forest floor plant species in to the industrially disturbed forests of Sudbury, Ontario, CanadaSantala, Kierann R.
Baxter-Gilbert_James_Master_Thesis].pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014The long road ahead: understanding road-related threats to reptiles and testing if current mitigation measures are effective at minimizing impactsBaxter-Gilbert, James H
Almnayan_Danah_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Characterization of VR118 quinacrine derivative as a potential anticancer agentAlmnayan, Danah