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Title: The introduction of native forest floor plant species in to the industrially disturbed forests of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Authors: Santala, Kierann R.
Keywords: Transplant success;reintroduction;understory plants;environmental site characteristics
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2014
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: This study investigated the transplantation of understory plants within the Cu-Ni smelterdamaged urban forest of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, to increase plant biodiversity in an area where natural colonization of understory species is delayed. The goal of my study was to evaluate establishment of 16 m2 vegetation mats along a gradient of smelter disturbance and to relate successful establishment to abiotic and biotic site characteristics. Specific investigations were conducted to determine whether soil quality influenced root growth and transplant establishment. Variables associated with smelter emissions and soil temperature were the best predictors of successful transplant establishment of understory plant species, but relationships were species specific. Also, root growth was not limited to organic soils of the transplant mat and roots were able to grow into receptor site soil. Knowledge of environmental factors influencing establishment will help to determine site locations and to select species to introduce when transplanting understory species in future reclamation projects.
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