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Title: Analysis of RBM5 and RBM10 expression throughout H9C2 skeletal and cardiac muscle cell differentiation.
Authors: Loiselle, Julie Jennifer
Keywords: RNA Binding Motif (RBM) domain proteins;RBM5;RBM10;Myoblast differentiation;H9c2;Alternative Splicing
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: RNA Binding Motif (RBM) domain proteins RBM5 and RBM10 have been shown to influence apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and splicing in transformed cells. In this study, RBM5 and RBM10 were examined in non-transformed cells in order to gain a wider range of knowledge regarding their function. Expression of Rbm5 and Rbm10, as well as select splice variants, was examined at the mRNA and protein level throughout H9c2 skeletal and cardiac myoblast differentiation. Results suggest that Rbm5 and Rbm10 may (a) be involved in regulating cell cycle arrest and apoptosis during skeletal myoblast differentiation and (b) undergo post-transcriptional or translational regulation throughout myoblast differentiation. All in all, the expression profiles obtained in the course of this study will help to suggest a role for Rbm5 and Rbm10 in differentiation, as well as possible differentiation-specific target genes with which they may interact.
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