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Title: Energy consumption and GHG emissions at metal mines in Canada and the implications of Canadian climate change polices
Authors: Smith, Connie
Keywords: energy management;energy audits;mining industry;energy reporting;energy benchmarking;GHG emissions;climate change;legislation;carbon tax;carbon incentives;GHG mitigation
Issue Date: 8-Mar-2023
Abstract: The objectives of this research are to complete a review of energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at metal mines in Canada, to understand the implication of Canadian climate change legislation for operations at these mines, and to assess practical actions mines can take to reduce their GHG emissions. The mining industry is an energy intensive but profitable industry that plays a critical role in the Canadian economy and the switch to a “green” economy. However, the reliance of the mining industry upon carbon rich fuels, the large and long term land use changes associated with mines sites, and the long life span of mining operations mean that the industry is an important contributor to climate change.
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