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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
Varun Gupta_ Post PhD Defense_Edits accepted.pdf.jpg16-avr-2020A systematic study of interaction effects between plants, microbes, and metals in a model constructed wetland system treating mining influenced watersGupta, Varun
Boyle_2019_Full Thesis_Edited_July.pdf.jpg30-mai-2019A road to conservation: understanding the dynamics of road-effects and road-effect mitigationBoyle, Sean P.
LescordGL_PhDThesis_19DEC2018.pdf.jpg14-déc-2018Mercury cycling in a remote boreal drainage basinLescord, Gretchen Lynne
FC Jones_PHD Thesis_Final.pdf.jpg7-jui-2018The ecology of lakes and rivers in the southern boreal shield: water quality, community structure, and cumulative effectsJones, Fredric Christopher
Carson_PhD_Thesis_Final_Edits_GradStudies.pdf.jpg23-mar-2018Methane production in peatlandsCarson, Michael Andrew
PhD Thesis - McMillan, K Final.pdf.jpg15-jui-2017Epidemiology of the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, across multiple spatial scalesMcMillan, Kirsten Marie
Popp_PhD_Thesis_2017_FINAL.pdf.jpg20-avr-2017Population dynamics of reintroduced elk (Cervus elaphus) in eastern North AmericaPopp, Jesse N.
F.M. TANENTZAP PhD THESIS v2_1.pdf.jpg28-mai-2015Interactions between metal and drought stressors on plant water relationships and their effects at ecosystem levelTanentzap, Fallon M.
ESE_PhD_Thesis-formatted.pdf.jpg22-oct-2014Biogeochemistry of wetlands in watersheds affected by aerial deposition of metals, and linkages to aquatic ecosystem recovery.Szkokan-Emilson, Erik John
Edwards_Darryl_Doctoral_Thesis.pdf.jpg21-mai-2014Life history trade-offs, immune function and the expression of sexual signals in two model groups of birds (Psittaciformes, Charadriiformes)Edwards, Darryl Bryce
Laurence_Sophie_PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-mar-2014Genetic variation and population genetic structure of muskrat, Ondatra Zibethicus, at different spatial scalesLaurence, Sophie
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 11 de 11