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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2015Parallelization of Molecular-Dynamics Simulations Using TasksMeyer, Ralf; Mangiardi, Chris M.
20-Apr-2015Parasocial and parasocial vicarious contact effects on euro Canadians’ views of aboriginal peoplesGougeon, Brooke C.
23-Sep-2008ParaViewGeo: Open source visualization for geoscienceMaynard, Robert
2007Participation communautaire à la récupération environnementale de lacs contaminés : le cas des villes de Matamoros et de Reynosa au MexiqueVirchez, Jorge
Nov-2003"A pathway to restoration: From Child Protection to community wellness"Bellefeuille, Gerard; Ricks, Frances
8-May-2015Patterns of soil health for prime agricultural lands in the Greater City of Sudbury AreaWaddell, Jonathan
26-Oct-2016Peatland microbial community structure and function along a metal contamination gradient in Sudbury, OntarioWilliams-Johnson, Shanay
14-Apr-2016Peer victimization in Northern Ontario: the search for protective factors to combat reported health concernsMorrow, Devon
25-Nov-2014The perceived influence of emotions on clinical decisions and practices in child and adolescent eating disordersKosmerly, Stacey
6-Mar-2015Perception de linguicisme chez des locuteurs non natifs de l’anglais au CanadaVuckovic, Ina
1990Perception du rôle d'une caisse populaire dans un milieu francophone homogène : le cas de Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.Cachon, Jean-Charles
8-Apr-2016Perception of enjoyment and masking smiles with self-report measures of rating on scales from happiness to negative emotionsPelot, Annalie
20-Jul-2015Perception of health and safety in surface mining operations in Sudbury, Ontario : a study of temporary staffing agency empolyeesBabando, Jordan
2005Perceptions on Diversity in a Multicultural Setting: Laurentian UniversityCachon, Jean-Charles
31-Mar-2015Performance type des habiletés orthographiques des étudiants francophones universitaires de 1er cycle en OntarioHuot, Danielle; Minor-Corriveau, Michèle; Roy-Charland, Annie
31-Mar-2011Perinatal loss & infant custody loss : two unrecognized forms of loss during the perinatal periodAllison, Jennifer
20-Jul-2015Personalilty characteristics, locus of control, and life stress as factors in relapse and recovery in a substance abuse sample.Hull, Joshua.
8-Jul-2015Personality and cognition of pornographic offenders; a comparison to sexual and general offendersBazinet, Alexandra
27-Jan-2017Photonic emissions of living and non-living matterCosta, Justin N.