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AL006.pdf.jpgAug-1999PAH’s in D – Lagoon sediments-
9-Mar-2021Pain assessment and management for people with dementia in long-term care in OntarioHamilton, Danielle
MRS_Boston_2014.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Parallelization of Molecular-Dynamics Simulations Using TasksMeyer, Ralf; Mangiardi, Chris M.
Nixon - Thesis Document - April25-2019-FINAL.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2019Paramedic perspectives of community paramedicine and quality of work life in Northern Ontario, CanadaNixon, Jordan
ACFrOgCcb7brVjXD1NHPyEoDlYGg6pgaokloNCqc69V5ef7b5mR5g58GqERspk0v8Q1LQCJ0owTlpYUvW8h5u8KCfZI_GBedYOUYJa0av4hmwXr83RTBLH7ciFZGI08=.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2019Parametrized simulation of charge drift and collection in the nEXO TPCRobinson, Alexander Lars
Parasite species co-occurrence patterns on Peromyscus Joint species distribution modelling.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2020Parasite species co-occurrence patterns on Peromyscus: Joint species distribution modellingSchulte-Hostedde, Albrecht I.; Veitch, Jasmine S.M.; Bowman, Jeff
Masters Thesis - pdf-2.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2015Parasocial and parasocial vicarious contact effects on euro Canadians’ views of aboriginal peoplesGougeon, Brooke C.
E2VOPresentationEdit.pdf.jpg23-Sep-2008ParaViewGeo: Open source visualization for geoscienceMaynard, Robert
Shelly Hosman MScN Thesis September 20 2017.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2018Parents’ experiences and nurses’ perceptions of decision making about childhood immunizationHosman, Shelly
virchez.pdf.jpg2007Participation communautaire à la récupération environnementale de lacs contaminés : le cas des villes de Matamoros et de Reynosa au MexiqueVirchez, Jorge
NSWJ-V5-art1-p23-43.pdf.jpgNov-2003"A pathway to restoration: From Child Protection to community wellness"Bellefeuille, Gerard; Ricks, Frances
CPrevost-2019-Patient Experiences in Rural Northern Ontario - Small Hospital Utilization and Perspectives on Community Paramedicine.pdf.jpg7-May-2019Patient experiences in rural Northern Ontario: small hospital utilization and perspectives on community paramedicinePrevost, Chad
JWADDELL MSc Biology 2016.pdf.jpg8-May-2015Patterns of soil health for prime agricultural lands in the Greater City of Sudbury AreaWaddell, Jonathan
Shanay Williams Thesis 2016.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2016Peatland microbial community structure and function along a metal contamination gradient in Sudbury, OntarioWilliams-Johnson, Shanay
Kpazai Daniel Attiklemé IJKSS 2015.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2015A pedagogical analysis of critical thinking deployed by health and physical education teachers at the secondary school levelKpazaï, Georges; Daniel, Marie-France; Attiklemé, Kossivi
DM_April2016Final.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2016Peer victimization in Northern Ontario: the search for protective factors to combat reported health concernsMorrow, Devon
Peer-reviewed scientific contributions from Canadian zoos and aquariums.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2020Peer-reviewed scientific contributions from Canadian zoos and aquariumsSchulte-Hostedde, Albrecht I.; Pyotta, Breanna E.
Pensée critique et Innovation dans la formation universitaire - Kpazaï 2015.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015Pensée critique et innovations dans la formation universitaireKpazaï, Georges
ACFrOgCLKOTaJi3wfKsOAbP8tNKgrP0adwZMnQTMU9ZF80s3oDKiWEPN3Bt8bWiJhp5AJIiy256DG2uIMBaianAJXycp4vKcp6t1idDMd-dv8GpU034Gv2pPQCIEBfE=.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2019Perceived impact of rotating shift work on health and wellbeing among underground workersVilleneuve, Chelsea V.