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Title: Pairwise comparisons method utilizing microservices
Authors: Pathak, Gaurav
Keywords: Multi-criteria decision making;pairwise comparisons matrices;Angular;Java;microservices;Springboot;Typescript;Swagger2
Issue Date: 26-May-2022
Abstract: Operations research has a sub-discipline called multi-criteria decision-making. In decision-making, it explicitly considers numerous contradictory criteria. In other words, when choosing the best solutions is challenging. On solving multi-criteria decision-making issues, the consistency-driven pairwise comparisons approach is useful. It provides an elegant method for identifying and resolving inconsistency by comparing and rating. It is based on the Koczkodaj inconsistency indicator, which was proposed and named after prof. W. W. Koczkodaj and is used as a validation approach. In knowledge-based systems and data mining, the consistency-driven pairwise comparisons method may be used as a strong knowledge acquisition strategy. The thesis covers an application built with spring boot microservices, angular, swagger, highcharts, and cloudemersive api's. These libraries and frameworks are used to create web applications that can operate both standalone and on clusters. This application may be used in conjunction with any expert or knowledge management system.
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