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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2015Gatekeeping and social workTupling, Haidie Paige
9-Jul-2015Gender and personality correlates influence on attitudes towards the elderly in indigenousMorrisseau, Nakita-Rose
15-Jul-2014Gendering social relations of work in the Canadian automotive industry: an autoethnographic study.Starr, Meagan
Aug-2003General observations and summary comments on monitoring data : visit to McIntyre closure sites including tailings pond plus superficial inspection of ERG tailings site : Timmins August 18-19, 2003 -- meetings with Joint Venture and site visits.Michael P. Sudbury Consulting Services; Boojum Research Limited; Joint Venture Group
27-Jan-2015A generalized electronic diabatic model applied to two-state reactions.Laverdure, Laura Bray
8-Oct-2013Generating random shapes for Monte Carlo accuracy testing of pairwise comparisonsAlmowanes, Abdullah
Dec-2003"A generative curriculum model of Child and Youth Care Training through First Nations - University partnerships"Ball, Jessica
21-May-2014Genesis of Cu-PGE-rich footwall-type mineralization in the Morrison deposit, SudburyNelles, Edward William
19-Mar-2014Genetic variation and population genetic structure of muskrat, Ondatra Zibethicus, at different spatial scalesLaurence, Sophie
28-Apr-2017A genetics-based approach for the determination of Phalacrocorax auritus diet on Lake NipissingLecours, Mathieu
8-Jul-2015The geochemical behavior of metalloids and their effect on the highly siderophile elements during the crystallization of a magmatic sulfide liquid in relation to the formation of Ni-Cu-PGE magmatic sulfide depositsCafagna, Fabio
Oct-1999Geochemische Eindammung der Pyritoxidation in Steinkohlenbergematerialien durch Phosphatzugabe-
20-Apr-2015Geographic extension of benthic Invertebrate RCA bioassessments: how far can we go?Novodvorsky, Nicole-Marie
2017Geography Products for the 2016 Census of PopulationMrozewski, Tomasz
23-May-2017Geology and genesis of hybridized ultramafic rocks in the black label hybrid zone of the black thor intrusive complex, McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario, CanadaSpath III, Charles S.
5-Apr-2016Geology of the Archean Côté Gold Au(-Cu) intrusion-related deposit, Swayze Greenstone Belt, OntarioKatz, Laura Rachel
6-May-2013The German Encounter with Socialism, Democracy and Nationalism: Friedrich Ebert, 1871-1925Buse, Dieter
2004Géométrie hyperbolique pour les non-initiéSawyer, Patrice
1999Géosystèmes environnementaux: symbole de la loi naturelle face au pluralisme juridique dans la gestion de l'environnement.Etongué Mayer, Raoul
8-Jul-2015Give me a verb! Give me a noun!: an ERP investigation of perceptual words with ambiguous word classesFerguson, Ryan