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ColinBruulsemaMScFinal.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2017Calibration and commissioning of the Helium and Lead ObservatoryBruulsema, Colin
Girard, Frédéric_MSc Physics.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2017Calibration of the PICO-0.1 bubble chamber and development of coated inner vessels for dark matter searchGirard, Frédéric
13-Apr-2021Camps of listening: speculating visceral forms of ecological awareness at resource extraction sites through an acoustically attentive architectureVeillette, Miguel
MSc Thesis_William McNeice_Final.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2019Can magnetic susceptibilities measured on outcrops be used for modelling (and constraining inversions of) aeromagnetic data?McNeice, William John
Thesis template - Cailynn's Masters Thesis June 16th.pdf.jpg14-May-2020Canada’s history with Indigenous peoples: do reminders of ingroup wrongs and ingroup identification influence collective guilt, moral shame, and reparation intentions?Laprise, Cailynn D.
20200123 CBFR_Survey_-_English_-_Final.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2019Canadian BIBFRAME Readiness Task Force survey instrumentScott, Dan; Fortier, Alexandre; Pretty, Heather; Spéciel, Olivier
cchsforDLI2[1].pdf.jpg20-May-2010Canadian Community Health Survey: data and productsLafortune, Sylvie
Deibert-2018-MHK-Thesis.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2018Canadian university student experiences participating in a health promotion without borders : excursion to MongoliaDeibert, Shelby Leigh
Amy_Wheeler_ Canadian Wildfires.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2020Canadian wildfires: a spatial-temporal assessment of fire activity and cause (1988 to 2018)Wheeler, Amy
Derek Edwardson's Traditional Ph.D. Thesis Final July 13 2018.pdf.jpg17-May-2018Cancer cell behaviour in response to chemotherapeutics - a study of docetaxel induced inflammatory cytokine production and the effect of lipopolysaccharidesEdwardson, Derek William
A Canoe trip to Fort Temiscamingue.pdf.jpg1-Jan-1971A canoe trip to Fort Temiscamingue in '79Sha-ka-nash
DV010.PDF.jpgDec-1990Cape Breton Development Corporation : ecological engineering for VJ bogs and data summary : final reportBoojum Research Limited
These finale Boroma Sanou (Corrigé)  2015-10 decembre  2015.pdf.jpg10-Dec-2015Capital social et état de santé : une étude qualitative à propos de quelques immigrants africains de Sudbury (Canada)Sanou, Boroma
Lemieux_Suzanne_These_Doctorat.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2013Caractéristiques et logiques des musiques populairesLemieux, Suzanne
Bonhomme MHK Thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg1-May-2018The career developments of two world champion boxers: interpretive thematic analysis of media storiesBonhomme, Justin
ValleeetalGeophysics2010_Chibougamau.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2010Case history of combined airborne time-domain electromagnetics and power-line field survey in Chibougamau, CanadaVallée, Marc A.; Smith, Richard S.; Keating, Pierre
NSWJ-V5-art7-p140-154.pdf.jpgNov-2003"A Case Study in progress: The role of Memorial University's School of Social Work in the context of Aboriginal self-government in Newfoundland and Labrador"Baikie, Gail; Decker, Gillian
B Slegers thesis July 2018.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2018A case study of homelessness in Sudbury understood through the Anishnaabe seven life stagesSlegers, Brian; Brennan, Justin
Hewage, Neville thesis 2016-05-02 HRP2 FINAL.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2015Cataract surgery: impact on activities, time use and gender and power relations in rural Andhra Pradesh, IndiaHewage, Neville
kerchove.pdf.jpg2004Ce que les réseaux changent dans le partage de savoirs : entretien avec Derrick de Kerckhove-