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Title: The career developments of two world champion boxers: interpretive thematic analysis of media stories
Authors: Bonhomme, Justin
Keywords: boxing;brand;career development;career transition;athletic identity;media data;thematic analysis
Issue Date: 1-May-2018
Abstract: Athlete development can be described through transitions that mark turning phases throughout athletes’ careers. Media data was utilized in this project to unpack the career developments of two prominent world champion boxers from their early lives to world championship status. Employing interpretive thematic analysis, five themes were identified: (1) weathering hardships of early life (subthemes: the rough life of an inner-city kid; abject poverty in war-torn Philippines), (2) entry into sport (subthemes: groomed to fight; boxing to escape poverty), (3) amateur experience (subthemes: Olympic medallist en route to the pros; struggling amateur with dreams of greatness), (4) launching a professional career (impressive American prospect; a charismatic unpolished slugger) and (5) capturing a world title (subthemes: the much-anticipated world champion; the unexpected world champion). This exploration augments our understanding of how two worldrenowned boxers presented their career transitions to the world, with implications for boxers and those who work with them.
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