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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2014Envisioning an intercultural gerontology curriculum for undergraduate gerontology programs in Canada: attributes and resourcesMercer, Lorraine
31-Mar-2015Enzymatic and immunological comparison of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and a clinical isolate of streptomyces.Aljassim, Zaenab
15-Jun-2017Epidemiology of the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, across multiple spatial scalesMcMillan, Kirsten Marie
29-Mar-2016An EPR and DFT investigation of the products formed in the reaction of group 11 metal atoms with three-membered heterocyclic compoundsOrsini, Chad
2016Essential Earth Imaging for GISMrozewski, Tomasz
31-Mar-2015Est-ce que les habiletés narratives des enfants nés prématurés ressemblent ceux de leurs pairs nés à terme ?Mathieu, Angel; Bélanger, Roxanne; Mayer-Crittenden, Chantal
8-Jul-2015Establishing a mechanism for the effects of specific patterned electromagnetic fields at the molecular level using fragmented bacteriaBidal, Ryan
Nov-2003"Establishing the Aboriginal Social Work Associations: Sharing the Manitoba experience"Hart, Michael; Pompana, Yvonne
15-Apr-2016Estimating the win probability in a hockey gameYang, Shudan
20-Jul-2015Estimation of confined peak strength for highly interlocked jointed rockmassesBahrani, Navid
11-Aug-2014Ethos and entertainment: the mass migration to virtual worldAngi, Ethan Aaron John
1998Ethos familial et contexte minoritaire : comparaison des représentations de la famille entre mères francophones et anglophones de la région de Sudbury.Bernier, Christiane
1986Etude stratégique sur les services d'éducation universitaire en français dans le Nord-Est de l'Ontario: Rapport finalCachon, Jean-Charles
14-Oct-2015Evaluating SNO+ backgrounds through 222RN assays and the simulation of 13C(a, n)160 reactions during water phaseRumleskie, Janet
23-Jan-2015Evaluating the impacts of an outdoor adventure leadership experience program in a rural aboriginal communityWabano, Mary Josette
Nov-2013Evaluating the Reliability of Assessing Home-Packed Food Items Using Digital Photographs and Dietary Log SheetsDorman, Sandra
13-Jul-2016Evaluation and modification of a micromanipulation technique and stubbing method for the collection of touch DNAKay, Melissa
18-Aug-2016Evaluation of a vibration measurement tool as part of a whole-body vibration management program in underground hard-rock miningKillen, Wesley
8-Oct-2013Evaluation of liposomal bismuth-ethanedithiol-tobramycin for treatment of cystic fibrosis pulmonary pseudomonas aeruginosa infectionAlhariri, Moayad Abdulaziz I.
19-Mar-2014An evaluation of several measures of attention and inhibition in ten year old childrenPasquali, Bernadette