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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
SB007.pdf.jpgJun-1989The abandonment of the South Bay waste management area.Boojum Research Limited; BP Resources Canada Limited
GC005.PDF.jpgNov-1997ARD/AMD potential of the waste management area : Goldcorp Inc., Red Lake Mine Division, Balmertown, Ontario : final report.Boojum Research Limited
CN020.PDF.jpg20-Apr-1994Arsenic and nickel removal from waste rock seepages using muskeg sediment : final reportBoojum Research Limited
CA080.pdf.jpgMay-1997B-zone pit : limnology 1993-1996 and the fate of arsenic and nickel : final report / for CAMECO CorporationBoojum Research Limited
CA084.PDF.jpgFeb-1999B-zone pit : the fate of arsenic and nickel, the proof is in the sediment : final report / for CAMECO CorporationBoojum Research Limited
CA082.PDF.jpgJul-1998B-zone waste rock pile : utilization of wetlands for removal of arsenic and nickelBoojum Research Limited
GC003.PDF.jpg14-Jan-1992Biological cycling of arsenic in sediments impacted by gold mill effluents.Kalin, Margarete A.; Boojum Research Limited
CN022.PDF.jpg30-Jul-1994Biological polishing phase IV : model verification and scale-up : final reportBoojum Research Limited
DV010.PDF.jpgDec-1990Cape Breton Development Corporation : ecological engineering for VJ bogs and data summary : final reportBoojum Research Limited
BH001.PDF.jpg10-Nov-1998Decommissioning mine waste management areas : design parameters for utilizing wetlands/muskeg for the Farley Lake mine property, Keystone Gold, Black Hawk Mining Inc. in the vicinity of Lynn Lake, northern ManitobaBoojum Research Limited
SL010.pdf.jpg13-Feb-1992The decommissioning of Les Mines Selbaie.Boojum Research Limited
SB055.pdf.jpgMar-1997Decommissioning of South Bay: phosphate rock/brush application in Boomerang Lake, EM34 background Mud Lake survey, seepage canyon definition: 1995 final report / Submitted to: Mr. David Porter Talisman Energy Inc.Boojum Research Limited
CA065.PDF.jpg14-Jan-1995The decommissioning of the B-zone flooded pit with ecological engineering : 1994 final reportBoojum Research Limited
CA066.pdf.PDF.jpg31-Jan-1995The decommissioning of the b-zone with ecological engineering : 1994 final reportBoojum Research Limited
SB018.pdf.jpgApr-1992EM survey, South Bay Reclamation Project, South Bay, Ontario.Geomar Geophysics Limited; Boojum Research Limited
SB047.pdf.jpgNov-1995EM surveys maps : South Bay Mine site : final report 1995.Boojum Research Limited
SB043.pdf.jpgNov-1995EM surveys maps, Mud Lake area and interpretation of electromagnetic surveys and follow-up anomaly testing (piozemeter installation), September 30, 1995 : final report 1995.Boojum Research Limited
KN001.PDF.jpgDec-1993Evaluation of passive process water treatment.Boojum Research Limited; Kennecott Corporation, Plant Projects Group
ZZ009.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2013Final report: selenium removal from coal mine valley ; fill effluents using Chara ARIES subtask 2.2.3Boojum Research Limited; Scribalo, Robin; Paulo, Carlos; Kalin, Margarete A.; Wheeler, William H.
TM001.pdf.jpgAug-2003General observations and summary comments on monitoring data : visit to McIntyre closure sites including tailings pond plus superficial inspection of ERG tailings site : Timmins August 18-19, 2003 -- meetings with Joint Venture and site visits.Michael P. Sudbury Consulting Services; Boojum Research Limited; Joint Venture Group