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Title: Decommissioning of South Bay: phosphate rock/brush application in Boomerang Lake, EM34 background Mud Lake survey, seepage canyon definition: 1995 final report / Submitted to: Mr. David Porter Talisman Energy Inc.
Authors: Boojum Research Limited
Keywords: ecological engineering;South Bay Mine;Mud Lake;Boomerang Lake;prosphate rock;brush application;seepage canyon
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: Boojum Research Limited
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;SB055
Abstract: A diversion ditch wasconstructed,directing the flow of Backfill Raise drainageareaaway from Confederation Lake and towards Boomerang Lake. The ground water table in the mine/mill site was lowered appreciably and small seepage flows remained. Further curtailment of seepage flow was achieved by additional ditching below the Portal Raise in order to divert fresh water draining from Antenna Hill away from waste rock on the mine site beach. The electromagneticsurvey wasrepeated to compare the conditions to those prior to the diversion Boojum Research Limited 1995 South Bay Report February 28, 1997 6 Talisman Energy Inc. of the seepage. These findings are presented in Section 7 of this report. In Section 8, the last section of the report, conclusions are drawn based on the findings and options for evaluation of remedial actions are identified.
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