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Title: EM surveys maps, Mud Lake area and interpretation of electromagnetic surveys and follow-up anomaly testing (piozemeter installation), September 30, 1995 : final report 1995.
Other Titles: Appendix 2
Authors: Boojum Research Limited
Keywords: South Bay Mine;Mud Lake;electromagnetic surveys;Acid Maine Drainage (AMD);groundwater;geophysical anomalies;piozemeter installation;seepage pathways
Issue Date: Nov-1995
Publisher: Boojum Research Limited
Series/Report no.: Boojum Technical Reports;SB043
Abstract: The geophysical surveys carried out in the South Bay Mine area since 1992 have established that ground based electromagnetic surveys are effective for both detecting and mapping the migration of plumes of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in the groundwater, and for evaluating the effectiveness of the remediation measures that were implemented. During 1995, the electromagnetic surveying was focused in four areas: (1) Mud Lake (2) West of the Tailings (3) South of the Tailings/ Townsite (4) Mine Site Numerous geophysical anomalies were identified, and anomalies with unexplained sources of conductivity were tested during an extensive programme of piezometer installation. This section presents the results of the geophysical surveys in the Mud Lake area and west of the tailings area, along with water quality data obtained from the piezometers that were installed to test geophysical anomalies. These areas are all “exploratory” in nature where the surveys are being conducted for the first time. The survey was carried out step by step, adding lines as was indicated due to anomalies. Those were then used to place piezometers, and confirm or refute the presence of seepage pathways and delineate their extent.
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