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Title: Connected in Jane and Finch: a story of the people
Authors: Benny Paul, Paul
Keywords: Transit-oriented design,;immigrants;narrative;Jane and Finch;gentrification;community
Issue Date: 11-Apr-2023
Abstract: The Jane and Finch neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario has served as a crucial stepping stone to help new immigrants transition as they move to a new country. Initially, the community had essential services and support systems in place that would have made the transition easier. However, as the neighbourhood has grown and changed in the past fifty years, it has neglected to evolve these services and support systems to suit the needs of the current demographic. This thesis is an exploration of how to ensure that future generations living in Jane and Finch are set up for success. It is also a story of the people living in Jane and Finch and how to better serve them. By utilizing a methodology that relies on a creative narrative, a more personal connection to the people and neighbourhood is established, allowing for a sensitive design that targets the users’ specific needs.
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