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Title: The Collingwood terminals: an adaptive reuse approach to heritage buildings
Authors: Yarrow, Madison
Keywords: Adaptive reuse;conservation;heritage buildings;heritage values;Collingwood;grain terminal
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2023
Abstract: This thesis offers a critique that focuses on adaptive reuse for contemporary architects currently practicing in Ontario. The critique states the approach of adaptive reuse is interpreted too widely, resulting in adaptive reuse projects dismissing the original building’s heritage values. This thesis posits that the architectural community should reimagine the adaptive reuse approach in consideration of heritage buildings. This thesis provides an alternative approach to the practice of adaptive reuse that involves engagement with the existing building, consisting of historical research and documentation. As well as a carefully considered program that connects the buildings history to the current economy and cultural needs. This proposed method is demonstrated through a study of a historic 1929 grain terminal in Collingwood, Ontario. The design proposal is for the adaptation into a spa that connects the Terminal building back to its history of place while reintegrating it into the new economy of tourism and recreation.
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