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Title: Turning concussion management on its head: an exploratory model for managing varsity athletes following a sport-related concussion
Authors: Smith, Camille R.
Keywords: Concussion;post-concussion syndrome;concussion symptoms;return to play (RTP);return to learn (RTL),
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2021
Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine and discuss various relationships between symptoms, Post-concussion Symptom Score and Symptom Severity Score, exercise prescription, and RTL as well as RTP times. These relationships were investigated using a combination of statistical quantitative and qualitative assessments. The study found that some of the symptoms presented were related to one another and predominantly only presented in clusters. It was also found that recovery time generally takes longer than previously reported; more than 30 days vs the previous standard of 14 days until full recovery. Thus, a general guideline with respect to recovery times was created that can be provided to athletes, coaches, and other stakeholders, with the intent of removing some of the external pressures that clinicians face to return athletes to their sport safely and effectively
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