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Title: Prospective housing decisions and self-determination theory
Authors: Barbosa, Halana Batistel
Keywords: Aging in place;self-determination theory;motivation;seniors;elderly;transition
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2021
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to understand seniors’ motivation to age in place or change living arrangement using Self-Determination Theory (SDT) as a theoretical framework. Seven seniors were interviewed, and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) was applied. By applying a thematic analysis four themes were identified: (1) Basic psychological needs and physical and social surroundings as a factor of aging in place, (2) Health and the feeling of being a burden as a major factor of housing decision, (3) Knowledge about assisted living environment as a reason to age in place, and (4) Feeling of accomplishment and SWLS. Interpreting these results using SDT suggests that intrinsically motivated seniors decided to age in place, and seniors with high intrinsic motivation were satisfied with life. These findings represent an important move towards understanding seniors’ wellbeing since a more holistic and respectful care can be provided to seniors by understanding their motivations about housing decisions.
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