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Title: The effect of teacher’s proxemic aspects on didactic relationship in swimming
Authors: Sghaier, Donia P
Jomâa, Hejer Ben
Mami, Mohamed
Kpazaï, Georges
Keywords: Ostension;proxemy;clinic didactics;didactic relationship;physical education teachers
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2016
Citation: European Journal of Educational Sciences, EJES December 2016 edition Vol.3, No.4 ISSN 1857- 6036
Abstract: This article is interesting in didactic distances (Forest, 2001) of two Physical Education (PE) teachers of Swimming in Tunisia. Its objective is to determine the different proxemic distances (Hall, 1966) of teachers at the time of didactic regulation. We postulate that proxemic distances represent a revealing of didactic relationship. The methodology of this research is qualitative and clinic. It could be registered within the frame of clinic didactic interactions of PE and on the clinic analysis of experimented and novice teacher’s practice glimpsing “case by case” and to apprehend the singular subject in didactics (Terrisse, 1999). Data collection and analysis are organized according to the clinic didactic methodology. This temporal methodology differs by three different times and crusaders. From methodological point of view, this study limits itself to the second time analysis, that of the test (Terrisse, 2000). We make the choice to focus on the qualitative study of proxemic distances scale (Hall, 1966). Results put in evidence that the practice of different proxemic modes by teachers have effect on the didactic relationship.
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