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Title: The impact of professional experience on teaching conceptions in university -case studies from Tunisia
Authors: Hsouna, Hejer Ben Jomaa Ben
Chihi, Hela
Sghair, Donia
Mami, Mohamed
Kpazai, Georges
Keywords: University didactics;clinical didactics;professional experience;experienced university teacher;continuing education
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2017
Citation: European Journal of Educational Sciences, EJES September 2017 edition Vol.4, No.3 ISSN 1857- 6036
Abstract: Higher education is a contract between professor and student; which specifies what each pole can expect from the other (Johnson, 1995). The strategies, techniques and devices used by teachers to achieve their personal, scientific and technical purposes during their lessons are the subject of various researches in didactics. This research is in line with the scientific orientation of clinical didactics, which is characterized by a double theoretical and epistemological affiliation: didactics and clinical psychoanalytic inspiration. We are interested in the singularity of the subject teachers taken in didactics. In Tunisia, most higher education teachers do not have professional and continuous education in pedagogy and didactics, and no follow-up in their careers. As if the question did not arise and the ability to accompany students, to develop their critical thinking skills and to promote their learning was self-evident. The aim of this work is to insist on the importance of continuing education and professional development of experienced university teachers.
ISSN: ISSN 1857- 6036
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