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Title: Self-reported eating behaviour, physical activity, and learning engagement of Grade 3 and 6 students during the school day.
Authors: MacDougall, Sarah-Jane
Keywords: school schedule;physical activity;eating behaviour;balanced school day (BSD);children’s survey
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2017
Abstract: Background: The school environment is an important contributor to children’s health. This thesis assessed student perceptions of physical activity, eating behaviors, and learning engagement throughout the school day. Methods: Surveys were distributed in grades 3 and 6: three schools using the Balanced School Day (BSD) schedule, and three using the Traditional School Day (TSD) schedule. Students selfreported physical activity, eating behavior, and learning engagement, at key times in the school day. Student perceptions by grade, gender, and schedule were examined. Data were expressed as frequencies and percentages and the variables were cross-tabulated and analyzed using Chi- Square analyses. Results: In total, 173 students participated in this study (response rate of 54%). Girls self reported being less physically active than boys at recess. Grade 3 students experienced hunger more frequently than grade 6 students. There were no significant hunger or physical activity differences between schedule types. All students reported high hunger and lower learning engagement at the end of the school day. Conclusion: We recommended age/gender specific schedule modifications to reduce hunger, and increase physical activity and learning engagement at school.
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