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Title: Meta-analyses of the effect of ergonomic intervention on low back pain outcomes and whether LBP leads to absenteeism among manual material handling workers
Authors: Lakra, Sarita K.
Keywords: Low back pain (LBP);manual material handling (MMH);absenteeism;ergonomic interventions;MMH workers;effect of ergonomics on LBP;effect of LBP on absenteeism;MMH workplaces.
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2017
Abstract: Low back pain (LBP) is experienced by 80% of population at some point in their working life. Previous research has demonstrated that musculoskeletal loading in manual material handling (MMH) workplaces results due to interaction between biomechanical factors and human factors. Loading then causes changes in spinal tolerance, ultimately LBP. Repetitive MMH activities are considered high risk activities for LBP and sequential absenteeism. Absenteeism drains funds not only from MMH industry but also from the health industry as well, with a simultaneous effect on the quality of life of a particular MMH worker. Ergonomics has the potential to reduce the LBP and can also restore human functioning to a maximum level. Ergonomic interventions such as engineering solutions and administrative controls can decrease the effect of risk factors on loading and in-turn LBP. Individual studies tend to support that ergonomic interventions decrease the effect of LBP in MMH workers and also, the fact LBP causes absenteeism in MMH workers. There are still few quality studies that address these issues. It is therefore beneficial to combine such individual studies in a meta-analysis. Studies measuring the effect of ergonomics on LBP and effect of LBP on absenteeism in MMH workers are combined to find the pooled effect. The results show that ergonomics has no significant effect in decreasing LBP in MMH workers but absenteeism due to LBP is reported less in workers having ergonomic intervention in MMH workplaces.
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