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Title: Evaluation of a vibration measurement tool as part of a whole-body vibration management program in underground hard-rock mining
Authors: Killen, Wesley
Keywords: Whole-body vibration;iPod application;validation;knowledge
Issue Date: 18-Aug-2016
Abstract: Prolonged exposure to whole-body vibration (WBV) experienced by mobile equipment operators requires routine measurement to manage the risk for numerous adverse health effects. The WBVpod is an affordable and purportedly accurate iPod application that could provide workers the means to regularly measure WBV exposure. The WBVpod was used simultaneously with a gold-standard vibration meter to determine the level of agreement between the two devices during laboratory and field trials. Furthermore, a pilot study that used the WBVpod and educational sessions among underground miners (n=7) and trainees (n=11) was conducted to determine how the WBVpod could compliment an intervention on perceived knowledge, as well as gaining feedback from the participants on the usability of the WBVpod. The WBVpod displayed a high level of agreement with the gold standard device for all three axes (ICC: 0.92-0.97), with the vertical axis having the least bias (-0.015 m/s2) but a wider limits of agreement (-0.136 – 0.106 m/s2). The pilot study found a significant improvement in perceived WBV knowledge (U=9.5, p<.05), however discomfort was a common complaint when sitting on the WBVpod for extended periods of time. The findings suggest that the WBVpod would be a valid tool to estimate WBV exposure. In addition, the majority of participants experienced an increase in perceived WBV knowledge and increased ability to measure WBV
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