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D'Angelo-Thesis-Final Version - Aug 12 2021.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2021Validating the remote first aid self-efficacy scale for use in training and personal development of remote first respondersD’Angelo, Jonah Joel John
Ahmad Alamir Thesis Final.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2018Validation and verification of an analytical method to identify and quantify selected amphetamine-related drugs in whole bloodAlamir, Ahmad
N Bennoit Thesis 2016.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2016Validation of the use of Sus Scrofa (domestic pig) DNA as a research tool in a forensic laboratoryBennoit, Nathan
AB071.pdf.jpgJan-1997Valley seepages at BuchansGerits, Jan
Cachon JSBE 1988 5-5.pdf.jpg1988Venture Creators and Firm Buyers: a Comparison of Attitudes Towards Government Help and Locus of ControlCachon, Jean-Charles
Vers une proposition des États Unis d.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2015Vers une proposition des États Unis d’Afrique comme réponse stratégique aux conflits et terrorisme en AfriqueGningue, Youssou
Leduc-Dissertation-FinalVersion-Printing.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2018Vibration toolkit: an occupational health education intervention for the mining industryLeduc, Mallorie Georgine
arxiv.pdf.jpgNov-2016Vibrational band structure of nanoscale phononic crystalsMeyer, Ralf
PRB_83_014301.pdf.jpgJan-2011Vibrational density of states of silicon nanoparticlesMeyer, Ralf; Comtesse, Denis
Martine Dennie-Final Thesis.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2015Violence in hockey: a social and legal perspective.Dennie, Martine
Paul Michael BMS Ph.D. Thesis Final.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2016Viral and bacterial sepsis: identification and characterization of cytokine profiles and cell death pathwaysMichael, Paul
Daryl_Anderson-PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2015Visual art discourses as rhetoric: exploring the colonial creation of the Canadian Northwest PassageAnderson, Daryl
NSWjournalV6-Mar07.pdf.jpgMar-2007Vol. 6, March 2007 "Resistance and Resiliency: Addressing Historical Trauma of Aboriginal Peoples"School of Native Human Services
NSWJournalV7-Nov2010-digital.PDF.jpg20-Dec-2010Vol. 7, Nov. 2010 "Promising Practices in Mental Health: Emerging Paradigms for Aboriginal Social Work Practices"-
Meg_Stewart_PhD_Thesis_Final_Revised.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2018The volcanic and deformation history, geodynamic setting, and metallogenesis of the Chisel Sequence, Snow Lake, Manitoba, CanadaStewart, Margaret Signe
V Friesen MSc Thesis 03May19.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2019Volcanic reconstruction of the paleoproterozoic powderhouse formation, Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada: implications for controls on volcanogenic massive sulfide formationFriesen, Vanessa C.
5-Nov-2018Volcanic, structural, and hydrothermal controls on coincident Archean Low and High Sulfidation VMS Systems within the Onaman Assemblage, Onaman-Tashota Greenstone Belt, Northern Ontario, CanadaStrongman, Keaton Reid
31-Aug-2021Volcanogenic massive sulphide targeting in the Noranda Camp: Using a 3D implicit modelling platform for deeper exploration through the integration of structural and geochemical vectors.Ali, Sahibzada Hussain
NSWJ-V1-May1997.pdf.jpgMay-1997Volume 1, May 1997School of Native Human Services
NSWJ-V2-April1999.pdf.jpgApr-1999Volume 2School of Native Human Services