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Title: Violence in hockey: a social and legal perspective.
Authors: Dennie, Martine
Keywords: Hockey violence;Sports;Sports law;Criminal law;League self-regulation;Culture;Consent;Criminal prosecution;Fighting;Social control
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2015
Abstract: The ongoing debate with regards to the regulation of violence in hockey is analyzed through a legal and social perspective. The main research question touches on whether the law has a role to play in such regulation and how violence can be properly addressed in order to ensure the health and safety of all participants. There is a culture of hockey violence that creates an environment that is tolerable of excessive violence. This thesis addresses excessive violence and considers the player perspective with interview data and vignette research. Interview participants include hockey players at different levels of play. This research demonstrates at what point the law should intervene to regulate hockey violence and makes relevant suggestions on potential improvements in the regulation of violent behaviour in hockey. The goal is to create a framework for criminal courts that face cases of hockey violence.
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