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Accepted article for deposit.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013Ultra-small carbon nanospheres (< 50 nm) of uniform tunable sizes by a convenient catalytic emulsion polymerization strategy: superior supercapacitive and sorption performancesYe, Zhibin; Tiwari, Vimal K.; Chen, Zhe; Gao, Fan; Gu, Zhiyong; Sun, Xueliang
Dotta_Blake_PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Ultraweak photon emission in cells: coupling to molecular pathways, applied magnetic fields, and potential non-localityDotta, Blake
Raoul Étongué-Mayer.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2009Un exemple de dévouement professionnel : enseignant dans deux continentsHien, Amélie
Nomenjanahary_Clara_These_maitrise.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2013Un modèle d’étude in vitro de la réversion tumorale du cancer du col utérin dû aux infections par le virus de papillome humain à haut risque (VPH 16 et 18)Nomenjanahary, Clara Ernestine
Investiture de Barack Obama.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2009Un moment de l'histoire de l'Amérique, un moment de notre histoireCishahayo, Fabien
Corriveau Essai Final.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2014Un nouveau modèle d’intervention de crise appliqué en contexte d’hébergementCorriveau, Marie-Pierre
Un projet pilote dans une école.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2015Un projet pilote dans une école: le massage avec les enfants ayant des problèmes de comportementGauthier, Paul-André
18-Jun-2020Uncertainty-based mine planning framework for oil sands production scheduling and waste managementMaremi, Ahlam Ramadan
Ali's PhD Thesis (2019) FINAL.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2019Uncovering the therapeutic potential of Uncaria tomentosa using B16-BL6 mouse melanoma and 4T1 mouse breast cancer cellsZari, Ali
Victoria Foglia Thesis Final.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2017Understanding caregivers' accuracy in facial expressions of pain in children: an eye tracking study.Foglia, Victoria
Gass_David_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2013Understanding circumscribed interests in individuals with autism-spectrum disorders and how they relate to families.Gass, David S.J.
FOSTER Karlie PSYC 4105EL01.pdf.jpg4-May-2017Understanding educational caregivers accuracy in detecting facial expressions of pain in children: an eye-tracking studyFoster, Karlie
Ayden Robertson Thesis MHK.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2015Understanding modifiable determinants of fatigue from a physiological perspective in Canadian FireRangersRobertson, Ayden
Patrick Oghene Final Thesis.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2019Understanding the acculturation experiences of immigrant athletes within the Canadian sport systemOghene, Odirin Patrick
Cole Giffin Thesis Final.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2019Understanding the characteristics and consequences of the Toxic Sports Staff Member (TSSM) through the stories of male soccer playersGiffin, Cole
JDL - Master's Thesis final version - July 24 (1).pdf.jpg18-Jun-2018Understanding the characteristics that contributed to Québec athletes’ olympic successes moving into, during, and out of the Olympic GamesDupuis-Latour, Jacob
Oghene_Patrick_Master_thesis.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2013Understanding the meanings created around the aging body and sports by masters athletes through media dataOghene, Patrick Odirin
Thomas_Sean C._Master_thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Understanding the neurophysiological representation patterns of non-verifiable mental action verbs: an ERP investigationThomas, Sean C.
Cole and al. 2020 Understanding the staff cancer through the perceived experiences of varsity male soccer players.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2020Understanding the staff cancer through the perceived experiences of varsity male soccer playersGiffin, Cole E.; Schinke, Robert J.; Middleton, Thierry R.F.; Kerr, Gretchen; Larivière, Michel; Kpazaï, Georges; Petersen, Brennan
Andrea Carruthers. MHK 2019.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2019Understanding women athlete concussion in socio-cultural context: a media analysis of Eugenie Bouchard’s concussionCarruthers, Andrea