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Peyman Alizadeh MSc. Thesis Corrected_2_2.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2015Object distance measurement using a single camera for robotic applicationsAlizadeh, Peyman
30-Apr-2021Observations of environmental interactions with the human organismVares, David A.E.
bernier.pdf.jpg2007Obstacles à la communication dans une situation de communication exolingue en contexte de clavardageBernier, Marie
Strength Based Reading Instruction Method (post defence).pdf.jpg25-Jun-2014The Oelwein method: a strength-based reading instruction method for individuals with severe autismVan Geene, Michael
Lindenbach,J-PhDThesis-IRNH.pdf.jpg24-Jun-2019Older adult mistreatment, dementia, and the family caregiver in the Northeastern Ontario home: the influence of context on professional agencyLindenbach, Jeannette M.
Thesis_2.pdf.jpg28-May-2015On Supporting Group Decision Making by a Hybrid Method of the Method of Pairwise Comparisons and the Delphi MethodDuncan, Grant G. O.
Hunter_Matthew_Thesis_Final.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2020One does not TAKE a sauna; one GOES to the saunaHunter, Matthew
ACFrOgAZ8TZwSaujIjaz8OjPbi8I4s9pMFGL4IigI2_KGctOmbBWOf2lFJivSwkGiaIy5o_t5wZAdsnOAucYMZtluOvcEU8GCNUrVA5HQBmc4BsmIPjXmItvAmD5rAg=.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2019Oneiric architecture: a filmic exploration of the subjective dream experienceBass, Cody
Cachon JSBE 2004 17-3.pdf.jpg2004Online Marketing Communication in the Tourism Industry: An Exploratory Study of Website Effectiveness Among Tourist Lodge Operators in Northern OntarioMulholland, Ron; Cachon, Jean-Charles
Golnaz Ghaderi-Applied Psychology Thesis Document.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2017Ontario physicians' perceived competency when providing care for individuals with ASDGolnaz, Golnaz
opensource.pdf.jpg23-Sep-2008Open Source and Open LearningEllaway, Rachel
La nature et la loi 141_176.pdf.jpg1999Opération Rainbow: saga judiciaire sur fond de pluralisme juridiqueBoudreau, François; Ribordy, François-Xavier
28-Aug-2020Opinion mining of online users’ comments using Natural Language Processing and machine learningPazooki, Anahita (Elham)
Thesis FINAL - Payal Patel .pdf.jpg17-Sep-2019Optimal cancer classification of microarray data using different optimization techniquesPatel, Payal
ARomero2016 FINAL.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2016Optimal design and control of mine site energy supply systems.Romero, Alberto
20210104 - Eastick_Thesis.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2020Optimization of small modular nuclear reactor integration at a remote mine site in CanadaEastick, Jeff
2019 MSc Thesis KUnger - Final.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2019An optimized and validated method for screening and quantification of commonly encountered stimulant drugs and selected metabolites in dried blood spot (DBS) samples by ultra performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole time of flight-high resolution mass spectroscopy (UPLC QTOF-HRMS) analysisUnger, Kirk
EARTH_2017_327-Accepted.pdf.jpg2017Origin of post-collisional magmas and formation of porphyry Cu deposits in southern TibetWang, Rui; Weinberg, Roberto; Collins, William; Richards, Jeremy; Zhu, Di-Cheng
Laflamme RNO 16.pdf.jpg1994Origine familiale, aspirations et homogénéisation. Enquête auprès des étudients et des étudiantes du postsecondaire dans le Nord-est de l'Ontario.Laflamme, Simon
our_grandfathers_axe.pdf.jpg2008Our Grandfather’s Axe: from Krumbeck to Canada by way of Poland and Russia 1756 - 1961Buse, Adolf; Buse, Dieter K.