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Sheffield Thesis- Final Thesis.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2016The identification and characterization of small molecules for the inhibition of NGF and proNGF8p75NTR interactions using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopySheffield, Kristen S. A.
Lessel Thesis Final.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2016Identification of phenotypic variation across levels of cSOD activity in Drosophila melanogaster reveals that phenotypes are most influenced by second chromosome genetic background and sex at high cSOD activityLessel, Courtney Elyse
IES007.pdf.PDF.jpg30-Mar-2006Identification of potential environmental problems at Port Radium : field report, in search of uranium mill tailings / Submitted to, Mr. D. Sutherland (Environmental Protection Service ; Environment Canada)Kalin, Margarete A.
Final Draft of Louai Thesis V6 2016.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2016Identification of secreted metalloprotease from the culture supernatant of Mycobacterium bovis BCGAjab Noor, Louai
Walaa Thesis Final  Nov 2014 .pdf.jpg10-Nov-2014Identifying Escherichia Coli factors that selectively bind the mRNA of secreted proteinsHakeem, Walaa Abdulhadi H.
Tiina Bloomfield MScN Thesis October 2015 Final.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2015Identifying ICU patient safety priorities within a Northern Ontario setting : a delphi studyBloomfield, Tiina
Leduc_Caleb_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Identifying return to work predictors among individuals obtaining psychological servicesLeduc, Caleb
3-Sep-2020Identifying the anti-inflammatory potential of α7 nicotinic receptor silent agonists in human blood immune cellsSoto, Eduardo Carlos
Kelly Coons IRNH Dissertation Final.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2017"If we have the knowledge, then that is power to help our expectant moms": Northern Ontario health care students' knowledge and attitudes addressing alcohol consumption during pregnancy.Coons, Kelly D.
Nsimire thèse 2017 (Avril 2).pdf.jpg17-Mar-2017« Il faut se battre » : Les expériences de femmes congolaises sur le marché de l’emploi au Canada.Namululi, Nsimire
ACPAS2-KatendeCyula.pdf.jpg2010Il n'y a de salut nulle part pour les coupablesKapanga,Kapele
Illustrations de la pensée critique-Kpazaï.2015.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2015Illustrations de la pensée critique dans les pratiques éducatives d'enseignants d'éducation physique et santé (ÉPS): une piste pour un développement de la pensée critique en formation initiale. (chapitre 1)Kpazaï, Georges
Amani_Thesis - FINAL.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2014Image quality and dose of an accelerator-integrated kV CBCT systemsShaaer, Amani
courchesne.pdf.jpg2004Images d'eau et de feu dans "La Couronne d'oubli" de Gabrielle PoulinCourchesne, Sarah G.
Asma Suedan_Final Thesis Manuscript.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2017Imagined disclosure of a close other’s mental health status: a strategy for reducing stigma by associationSuedan, Suedan
Thesis(July_26)-1_1.pdf.jpg6-Aug-2013Imaging, characterization and processing with axicon derivatives.Saikaley, Andrew Grey
LaRush Thesis_December_final.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Immersive wilderness experiences: an exploration of women's narrativesLaRush, Judith
Final Mackey_Sophie_Immigrant Landscapes.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2019Immigrant landscapes: architecture in the age of migrationMackey, Sophie
23-Oct-2020Immune - modulatory effects of sidr honey: implications for anti-proliferative effects on cancer cellsAlmnayan, Danah
OGorman_DissertationFinal.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2018The impact of childhood obesity discourses on domestic and reproductive labour for single mothers in Northeastern Ontario : an institutional ethnographic studyO’Gorman, Laurel