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Title: Immersive wilderness experiences: an exploration of women's narratives
Authors: LaRush, Judith
Keywords: adventure therapy;benefits;immersion;outdoor education;wilderness;women
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Abstract: The purpose of this qualitative study was to invite fifteen women to explore memories of their immersive wilderness experiences. Based on this writer's own wilderness experience, the central question was whether participants would be drawn to partake in an immersive wilderness experience because of a recognition of its inherent benefits. Fifteen women were interviewed using a semi-structured interview format, guided by a set of eleven questions, their definition of wilderness, the role the wilderness played in their experience, any therapeutic or health related benefits, the impact of these benefits and whether there were any distinctive aspects of participating in a woman-only immersive wilderness experience. Interestingly, major themes emerged which related more so to the activity, than the synergy between human and the wild elements. Major themes included activities, women only wilderness experiences and the qualities of wilderness as a setting, which included elements of escape and an altered state of being.
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