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CA080.pdf.jpgMay-1997B-zone pit : limnology 1993-1996 and the fate of arsenic and nickel : final report / for CAMECO CorporationBoojum Research Limited
CA084.PDF.jpgFeb-1999B-zone pit : the fate of arsenic and nickel, the proof is in the sediment : final report / for CAMECO CorporationBoojum Research Limited
CA082.PDF.jpgJul-1998B-zone waste rock pile : utilization of wetlands for removal of arsenic and nickelBoojum Research Limited
Dhungana_Navaraj_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg13-May-2014Background discrimination studies and measurements of droplet and bubble size for the Picasso experiment.Dhungana, Navaraj
18-Nov-2019Background reduction techniques and simulations for the PICASSO and PICO dark matter search experiments.Scallon, Olivia
Megan Ross-Thesis post-defence 2018-Final.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2018Bacteria against bacteria: isolation, identification and characterization of bacteria with antimicrobial activities against Gardnerella vaginalisRoss, Megan
SB056.pdf.jpg28-May-1997Bacterial consortia in acid mine groundwater seepage: final reportBergeron, Hélène; Lau, Peter C.K.
EWB Thesis April 2018 FINAL.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2017Baking power: French-Canadian and Franco-Ontarian cultural identity as defined by evolving traditional foodways in Astorville, OntarioWeiskopf-Ball, Emily
Coons_Kelly_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2013The beautiful challenge: families raising children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in OntarioCoons, Kelly D.
Gillian_Berman_Psychology_MA_FINAL_Thesis_6.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2014Becoming a guitar hero: does it alter multisensory processing skills?Berman, Gillian
NSWJ-V5-art17-p294-298.pdf.jpgNov-2003"Being a Native researcher in your own community"Mandamin, Agnes
McMahon.Thesis.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2019Beyond shelter: the power of women stepping into connectionMcMahon, Stéphanie
Jodi Swan final thesis.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2016Beyond the sandwich generation: the lived experiences of older Prince Edward Island women caregivers caring for an older adultSwan, Jodi
Introduction Thomson bibliography.pdf.jpg1994The Bibliography of Northern Ontario / La bibliographie du nord de l'OntarioThomson, Ashley; Hallsworth, Gwenda; Bonin, Lionel
Boissonneault RNO 20.pdf.jpg1996Bilingue / francophone, Franco-Ontarien / Canadien français: choix des marques d'identification chez les étudiants francophones.Boissonneault, Julie
Auger_Christopher_Doctoral_Thesis.pdf.jpg21-May-2014Biochemical adaptations in pseudomonas fluorescens exposed to nitric oxide, an endogenous antibacterial agentAuger, Christopher
Ramya Narendrula PhD Thesis April 2017 Final.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2017Biochemical and molecular characterization of microbial communities from a metal contaminated and reclaimed region.Narendrula, Ramya
Carniello_THESIS_REVIEW_PDF01Feb2016 Final.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2016Bioelectrical and biophysical interactions across spatio-temporal domains: identifying the conduit for the emergence of material from the immaterialCarniello, Trevor N.
CA031.pdf.PDF.jpgSep-2001A biogeochemical model of Link Lake-
ESE_PhD_Thesis-formatted.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2014Biogeochemistry of wetlands in watersheds affected by aerial deposition of metals, and linkages to aquatic ecosystem recovery.Szkokan-Emilson, Erik John