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Title: Bacterial consortia in acid mine groundwater seepage: final report
Authors: Bergeron, Hélène
Lau, Peter C.K.
Keywords: ecological engineering;bacteria;16s rDNA sequencing technology;ground water;seepage
Issue Date: 28-May-1997
Publisher: National Research Council Canada, Biotechnology Research Institute / Submitted to: Dr. M. Kalin, President Boojum Research Ltd., Toronto
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;SB056
NRCC;# 40499
Abstract: What is expected to be there (bacteria) is there and much more. This study reiterates the versatility and powerfulness of the 16s rDNA sequencing technology in the identification of microbial community in a natural environmental setting without prior cultivation. The challenge at hand is to assess activity and abundance of the culprit and beneficial bacteria in the groundwater seepage path and develop a knowledge-based strategy for the reduction of acidity to combat acid mine drainage problem. The importance of a multidisciplinary approach in this effort cannot be overemphasized.
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