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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Aboriginal Social Work: Incorporating Aboriginal worldviews in social work field practiceMoeke-Pickering, Taima; Partridge, Cheryle
Apr-1999"Aboriginal students speak about acceptance, sharing, awareness and support: A participatory approach to change at a University and Community College"Young, Wendy
Dec-2003"Aboriginal Youth Vision Committee"Native Child and Family, Centre; Sudbury Metis Youth, Centre; Shkagamik-Kwe Health, Centre; Wahnapitae First, Nation; Lemieux, Debbie
Nov-2003"Aboriginal Youth: Risk and resilience"Du Hamel, Paula
12-Sep-2013Absenteeism in a health care settingSherrington, Steven
2016Abstract Machine: Humanities GISMrozewski, Tomasz
6-Mar-2015Activité antimicrobienne de produits naturels originaires du Nord de l’OntarioVandal, Janique; Léo G., Leduc; Garry Ferroni, Garry; Abou-Zaid, Mamdouh
2003Activities Scale for Kids: An Analysis of NormalsPlint, Amy; Gaboury, Isabelle; Owen, Janice; Young, Nancy
27-Jan-2014The adaptation challenges and strategies of immigrant high performance coaches working within the canadian sport systemCummings, Jessica
31-Jul-2013Adaptation during a longitudinal integrated clerkship: the lived experiences of third-year medical students at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.Dubé, Tim V.
1-Mar-2016Addressing the needs of individuals with learning challenges in group CBTGingras, Julie
25-Jul-2016Aerial image segmentationAlthwaini, Abdulkareem Ali
4-Sep-2009Aimé Césaire et Barack Obama : destins croisésCishahayo, Fabien
2004Alcoolisme dans cinq romans franco-ontariens-
Nov-2003"Am I a modern-day missionary? Reflections of a Cree Social Worker"Hart, Michael
2004Amanita MuscariaRibordy, François-Xavier; Gaudreau, Guy; Ribordy, Annette; Tremblay, Micheline
15-Oct-2014America's war on drugs (and drug addicts) : a Foucauldian historyHeft, Ian Andrew
6-Mar-2015Analyse critique des études portant sur la thérapie à intonation mélodique pour les personnes atteintes d’aphasiePelchat, Roxanne
31-Mar-2015Analyse des mouvements oculaires dans le jugement de l'authenticité des sourires chez les individus souffrant de la schizophrénieRoy-Charland, Annie; Perron, Melanie; Ryan, Randal Joseph; Gouge, Albert P.; Roles, Stacey