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Title: Multi-faith+ architecture: fostering faith and spirituality on the Laurentian University campus
Authors: Ziesmann, Keller
Keywords: Architecture;interfaith;multi-faith;North America;religion;spirituality;Sudbury;university campus
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2023
Abstract: Religious and Spiritual beliefs are more than shared morals and values, but cosmologies that enlighten personal truths, goals and faiths. The development of these cosmologies have always been essential for the evolution of respectful, mindful and concerned citizens, especially in higher education contexts. However, history reflects that North American university architecture and programs have not always aimed to foster various religious and spiritual world-views, despite the increasing diversity found on campuses post-WWI. More importantly, they have not aimed to foster interfaith and multicultural comprehension. Thus, this thesis proposes a re-conceptualized Multi-faith+ Centre at Laurentian University that seeks to reflect and foster the religiously, spiritually and culturally rich communities on campus Acting as more than just a home for distinct practices and beliefs of various faiths, this thesis investigates contemporary case studies and theoretical frameworks to establish a space that fosters interfaith acceptance, respect and understanding on the Laurentian University campus
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