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Title: The socio-sexual knowledge and attitudes assessment tool - revised: the need for updates in assessment for individuals with intellectual disabilities
Authors: Gessie, Katya
Keywords: Intellectual disability;Sexuality;Sexual knowledge;Sociosexual education;Assessment
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2021
Abstract: The current document is a paper-based thesis which examined the Socio-Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes Assessment Tool – Revised (SSKAAT-R) for individuals with intellectual disabilities in order to inform the development of a revision. The first paper is a descriptive overview of topics of sexuality that are considered important for assessment and education in the year 2020. Findings revealed that inappropriate physical contact, incest and inappropriate sexual contact, intercourse, homosexuality, and birth control were some of the most important topics to consider for individuals with an intellectual disability in the year 2020. In addition, the first paper compared these findings to the topics which were identified as important twenty and forty years ago in order to note changes that have occurred over time. The second paper examined the content of the SSKAAT-R, specifically. Strengths and weaknesses voiced by professionals who use the tool are highlighted. Overall, the mixed methods findings included in this thesis indicate that many aspects of the SSKAAT-R are appreciated, such as the visual content and its ability to touch on a variety of topics pertaining to sexuality. Conversely, some areas - such as the outdated pictures, as well as the lack of information regarding internet safety and sexual and gender minorities - were highlighted as limitations. Suggestions for future research and clinical implications are discussed.
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