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Title: A study in allied, ethical, and culturally aligned helping practices with Anishinaabe children and families
Other Titles: (Niizhwaak Shi Naananmidna Kidwenan)
Authors: King Gold, Sarah
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2022
Abstract: It is critical that non-Indigenous social workers seek knowledge from Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers, scholars, mental health professionals, Indigenous-led agencies, and Indigenous clients on best practices for working with Indigenous children, families, and communities. Through a placement in the Children’s Mental Health Program at Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services, I aimed to learn how Western approaches of helping can be aligned with Indigenous approaches; how non-Indigenous helpers can practice Western methods of helping in good ways while being informed by Indigenous worldviews; and how Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) might be in harmony with Indigenous values and useful in clinical practice with Indigenous children and families. Academic research, direct practice, cultural and professional training programs, and consultation with Nogdawindamin’s Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and mental health professionals, led to answers to my questions. In this paper, I outline critical historical, social, and political contexts; relevant theories, approaches, and worldviews; the tenets of allyship, and the principles of the Seven Grandfather Teachings as they were taught to me. I reflect on applying allyship practices, the Seven Grandfather Teachings, treaty responsibilities, The TRC’s Calls to Action, and the 13 Rights of the Anishinaabe Child within therapeutic relationships with Indigenous children, families, and communities. I share findings on culturally aligned clinical practices and how the teachings I received support my developing allied, ethical, and culturally aligned practice. I describe findings on how IFS can be aligned with Indigenous ways of helping and a useful practice to uphold allyship commitments with clients.
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