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Title: Multi-criteria decision making with consistency-driven pairwise comparisons method
Authors: Song, Yingli
Keywords: Multi-criteria decision making,;consistency-driven pairwise comparisons;inconsistency analysis;R;Shiny
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2021
Abstract: Multi-criteria decision-making is a sub-discipline of operations research. It explicitly evaluates multiple con icting criteria in decision making. The consistency-driven pairwise comparisons method is a valuable tool for solving multi-criteria decision-making problems. It is also a powerful technique for the inference that could be used for knowledge acquisition for the knowledge management system. In fact, pairwise comparisons are basics for practically all science disciplines and have been used in many critical national projects. This thesis describes an application's implementation based on the consistencydriven pairwise comparisons method using an R package, Shiny. Shiny o ers an elegant and powerful web framework for building interactive web applications straight from R. This application, RConcluder, is a standalone system and could be used as a supplement to any expert or knowledge management system
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