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Title: Experiences of families and survivors following a sudden cardiac arrest: a metasummary
Authors: Janssen, Jessica
Keywords: qualitative research;sudden cardiac arrest;survivorship
Issue Date: 29-Mar-2021
Abstract: An uptake of emerging evidence contributes to increasing survival rates following a sudden cardiac arrest. Life after survival often involves a myriad of altered physical, mental, cognitive, and social functions for both survivors and their families. The study purpose was to aggregate published qualitative evidence to yield an understanding of survivors' and family members' life experiences following cardiac arrest. Using metasummary, 17 international published studies were selected. The extraction, editing, and abstraction of findings from 230 adult participants resulted in eight topical categories including: acknowledging life has changed, confronting mortality, regaining former life, interacting within the family, interacting within the broader social context, involving healthcare providers, evolving health status, and enacting a new life. The two themes were seeking wholeness and being connected. Healthcare providers are urged to prioritize the development and implementation of resourced individualized discharge plans to promote continuity and comprehensiveness of care for survivors and families.
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